Stunning Embroidery of China's Miao People - a Photoblogger's Perspective

Guizhou is, for me, the most beautiful place in China. I'm very excited to be able to introduce this lovely part of the world to you in a series of videos created by British production company True North.

Guizhou's unique Miao culture deserves to be better known, and True North agreed - together we filmed four five-minute documentaries in all, with more coming up soon on Miao food and Miao silver jewellery.

True North were commissioned to develop a Youtube channel devoted to the discovery of China. Already massively successful since their launch late last year, China Icons gives viewers a China that is very different to popular perception - a young, vibrant, quirky, and interesting China, featuring the everyday voices of Chinese people and expats.

When True North approached me I admitted to them I had never filmed anything before, being much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. But this was a project I felt very passionate about, and so I put my performance anxiety aside and just tried to enjoy the process as much as possible! Filming happened over two hectic days and eight gorgeous locations.

Miao women of Diwu village, Guizhou
This first video was shot in the remote Miao village of Diwu, where the local women are regarded as master craftsmen. They wear a type of embroidery that takes months to complete, sometimes years, using a method of finely folded silk scraps sewn into patterns like fish scales or bird feathers.
Miao embroidery - bird

Here's a close-up of the Miao embroidery using overlapping folded silk pieces 

Embroidery is deeply meaningful to Miao people. Although Miao spoken language is rich and complex, no written language exists and so stories of their ancestors, their gods and their daily lives are told through embroidery.

It's a living art form practiced by every Miao woman from a young age.
Miao women embroidering sleeve panels
I look forward to bringing you the other three videos soon - it's a look into a world few have visited, but now everyone can enjoy vicariously!

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