Nanchang Lu Voted Best Asian Weblog 2014! Ponies all round!

When they said things run fast in the Year of the Horse, I didn't realise they meant galloping speed. 

Writing and photography projects that have been sitting on the back burner for months suddenly burst into life and took off, leaving me trying to hold the reins and stay on as I raced to meet deadlines in Beijing and Shanghai whilst simultaneously holding down my hospital day job, mothering two children and doing rather a lot of travelling. Crazy, frantic and sometimes (honestly) terrifying, trying to hold it all together. 

So that's why you haven't heard much from me in these last weeks, but believe me there are great stories and pictures (see below) coming up from my recent travels.

But first things first - a very big and very overdue thank you to every one of you who voted Life on Nanchang Lu as Best Asian Weblog in the recent 2014 Bloggies. What a result!
I'm so happy to share the win with all of you - the other blogs in this category were amazing with many talented writers from all over Asia. 

A huge thank you for your support - I'm really thrilled. Dumplings all round! And Qingdao beer! (yes, by now I guess it's obvious there aren't nearly enough ponies with red ribbons to go round - but there is an endless supply of dumplings and beer in my internet universe).

 (And thanks for being patient with meā€¦some great posts are coming very soon)