Ten Free Magazine Subscriptions to Give Away to Ten Readers!

I'm a magazine junkie. One of the things I most missed while living in China were my favourite magazines and despite subscribing to two before I left home, Australia Post and China Post somehow conspired to lose most of my issues of Delicious and Feast. I could just imagine the China Post guys smoking heavily and discussing how that recipe for pear upside down cake turned out.

What I wish I'd discovered long ago is that almost all magazines now offer digital subscriptions through magazine sites like zinio that can be read on any device. Ha! Fancy being able to get an overseas magazine at the same time it's published, rather than waiting six weeks for the thing and then paying $25 for it? Genius.

Zinio decided - dearest food-loving readers - or reading-loving foodies - that because you are all smart, funny and well-read you should have a FREE magazine subscription of your choice, and have given me TEN subscriptions to give away to you, each for a half- or full-year subscription (depending on the magazine title chosen - they have loads of other titles in addition to Food and Travel....like Sport  and Science). 

Wonderful! What are you waiting for? Enter!! (see below)

Here's How to Enter:
Entry is free of charge.

1. In the comments section below tell me your name (an alias or blog name is fine, although you will need to email me your full name if chosen as a winner) and your favourite magazine title from zinio

2. Entries close this Friday May 17, 8pm Shanghai time (10pm Australian EST, 5am Saturday May 18 Pacific Daylight Time)  

3. I will randomly choose ten winners using an old fashioned hat filled with your names. I bought the hat in Tibetan Gansu, it's very cool and I can't wait for the weather to get cold enough to start wearing it again.

4. Winners will be announced Monday May 20 

5. The ten winners have until Friday May 24 to email me their full name and preferred magazine title - this information will be used only for the purposes of activating the subscription.

Disclaimer: I have received no financial compensation from zinio for holding this competition. 


Zinio's Mother's Day promotion ends tomorrow, May 15 - see here for details