And The Winners Are....!

Congratulations to all ten winners in the magazine subscription give away!

The Tibetan Sorting Hat has spoken, thanks to my youngest daughter who picked out these ten names:

1. Deb Armstrong - Feast

2. Kristy - Saveur or Bon Appetit

3. Mela 

4. Carlotta 

5. Robyn Smith - Delicious, Saveur or Digital Photography

6. Michael Czyzewski

7. Kylie - Lonely Planet Traveller or Delicious

8. Kris Flint - Lonely Planet Traveller, Feast, or Delicious

9. Christian and Tian Melby

10. Casyn from Malaysia - Cuisine

Note: The ten winners need to email me at by this Friday May 28 with 

- your full name 
- your final magazine choice from the magazines on offer at (feel free to change your mind from your original choice if you wish!)

so that your subscription can be activated.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winners and happy reading!