Excitement! Life on Nanchang Lu the App!

I'm so excited! I'm proud to present to you the very first ever Life on Nanchang Lu free App for iPhones, iPads, Androids and mobile devices. For a technically-challenged person like myself, who had to google 'what is an Android?' this is quite a feat.

Of course, I didn't do it all by myself, a clever software company did it, and even gave me a little wizard to set it up. This would have taken five minutes, except I struggled for hours with the true meaning of 'insert your 512x512 icon.' What exactly is an icon? I don't think they're talking about Audrey Hepburn here, but I eventually figured it out, taking screenshot after screenshot (511x514 - damn! 515x508 -bugger!) until I got it right. There was possibly an easier way, but please don't tell me now, it'll kill me. 

Also, I spent several days cogitating on whether it was false advertising to call myself 'a writer and photographer,' in the marketing description, but I figured adding 'champion dumpling and noodle taster' made it all pretty much mostly true. 

Here are the best things about the app:

1. It's FREE!

2. Even technically challenged people can easily download it to their 'devices' (I don't think the remote control counts)

3. If you live in China, you can access all of Life on Nanchang Lu without using a VPN!! This is a major breakthrough for those of us behind the wall....

4. You can see full content, including pictures!

So now you need to just get it on your 'device'. Here's how to do it in three easy steps.

1. Go to Notice Orange's Life on Nanchang Lu landing page here or type http://LifeonNanchangLu.noticeorange.com directly into the address bar on your device.

Choose either:
Download Android or 
Download Mobile Web App (for iPhones and non-android mobile phones)

2. The Android App page looks like this - scan the QR code, or type the blue link directly into your device, or reqest an email to be sent directly to your device. (you see how easily I write 'scan the QR code', when in fact I have no idea whatsoever what it means. I presume if you have an Android this will mean something to you).

3. The Mobile Web App page (for iPhones and iPads etc) looks like this. Simply type the blue link directly into your device's address bar, or request an email be sent to your device if your typing fingers are tired.

That's it! It's very easy. Now you can test your eyes by reading Life on Nanchang Lu on smaller and smaller screens! 

My icon. I think you'll find it is exactly 512x512 somethings. Pixels? Millimetres? Who knows.

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