A Man, A Terrine, and the Dalai Lama

Many would consider it totally unfair for one man to have so many talents, but I'm not complaining in the least, when the man in question is my friend Roger D'Souza, passionate foodie, and brilliant photographer. Oh, and he happens to be my sister's partner too....

"Shall I make something to bring to the beach?" he asked last week, as we were preparing to spend a few days at Noosa. I knew better than to say no, because Roger makes ordinary foodies look half-baked. This guy is the business. He smokes his own meats, makes his own char siu pork from his mother's recipe, and probably cooks roast duck on camping trips. Actually, that last is true, he does cook roast duck when he goes camping, and the cooking equipment takes up more space in the car than the tent and sleeping bags. 

So I knew I'd be very happy with whatever Roger decided to make to bring along, and I wasn't disappointed. After a long gruelling day creating photographic works of art he came home and slaved away until after midnight to make this incredible chicken terrine from a recipe by Australia's favourite farm cook Maggie Beer.

The recipe was featured on one of the final episodes of this year's Masterchef competition where the final four cooks had all tried and failed to produce the delicious savoury terrine in the allotted time. Masterchef, an Australian reality TV invention that has now gone ballistic worldwide, has inspired all of Australia to get back into their kitchens. The Dalai Lama recently appeared as a guest judge in this series, but I'm making no comment or judgement about whether religious leaders should be appearing on reality TV shows. No comment whatsoever. 

All I will say is that where the final four contestants failed, Roger succeeded, and if the Dalai Lama hadn't been such a committed vegetarian he would have loved the robust country flavours of pork, chicken and herbs cut through with plump sweet rasisins soaked in verjuice. I'm giving it nine and a half out of ten.

Maggie Beer's Chook and Pork Terrine
original recipe here



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