25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 9 Made in China Gift Guide

Stuck for Christmas gifts here in Shanghai? It's been a wonderful discovery that not everything 'made in China' is easily broken, cheap, nasty rubbish. Shanghai is brimming with unique finds just waiting to be added to your Christmas list. Whether you're looking for something tasteful, something interesting, or something just very, very Chinese, there are plenty of ideas on this page. The markets at Hongqiao International Pearl City, the Ghost Market, the Bird and Insect Market and the Dongtai Lu antiques market are great sources of interesting and inexpensive gifts, and all Made in China! For something more up-market or hand-made, Taikang Lu is the best place to start, and with so many small shops in one location you're bound to find something wonderful.    Everything here is less than 120 yuan too!

(L) porcelein tea cups 15 yuan each, oolong tea 58 yuan/50g available at tea shops across Shanghai
(R) hand-made unbleached cotton doll, 118 yuan, Chuqibuyi, Lane 248 Taikang Lu

(L) 1960s Shanghai textile factory designs, 40 yuan/sheet, Ghost Market, Fangbang Lu
(R) Worker sneakers, size 40-46, 20 yuan/pair, hardware shops everywhere 

(L) miniature porcelain dishes, used for feeding crickets, perfect for trinkets or display, 2 yuan each, Bird and Insect Market, 405 Xizang Nan Lu
(R) Chinese kitchen elasticized sleeve covers, 5 yuan/pair, convenience stores across Shanghai

(L) Beautifully designed china cups, 100 yuan each, Platane, Taikang Lu
(R) Santa in a snowstorm musical toy, 98 yuan, Hongqiao International Pearl City

(L) Mahjong set, 50-120 yuan depending on tile size, Commodities Market, 223 Fuyou Lu
(R) Penchaolin lanolin hand cream in tin, 3 yuan each, convenience stores everywhere

(L) Notebook with hand-painted cover, 58 yuan, Taikang Lu
(R) Business cards printed with Chinese designs, 25 yuan/box of 100, Taikang Lu

(L) mei yang-yang ear muffs, 4 yuan, convenience stores
(R) Santa romper suit, 58 yuan, Pu'an Lu Children's Market, near People's Square

(L) 2011 tear-off Chinese calender, 5 yuan small, 8 yuan large, convenience stores and newsagents
(R) Chinese knot hair bands, 10 yuan each, Taikang Lu

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