25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 6 Make Your Own Fruit Mince

Fruit mince pies are an unbreakable Christmas tradition in our house, but although I make the pastry myself, I have always relied on very expensive jars of Robertsons Fruit Mince (imported from England!) for the filling. I always wanted to make my own, but somehow the thought of having to grate suet - beef fat - really turned me off. Enter Australian food-writer Matthew Evans, who, last Christmas, published this incredibly easy, suet-free recipe in The Sydney Morning Herald  as one of his 'Any Fool Can Cook.....' series. It's so easy, and so delicious, I'm kicking myself for never having explored home-made fruit mince before. The flavour will improve with time, so I'm making the mince now and the tarts next week. On a cold winter's day there is nothing that feels more like Christmas than biting into a hot, fragrant fruit mince tart fresh from the oven. 

Modern Fruit Mince
Recipe by Matthew Evans 



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