25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 24 The Year in Pictures

Christmas Eve! There's a glass of red on the go, a house full of children tucked in bed, and there's a plate full of the finest non-Chinese cheese Carrefour has to offer.  I've been reminiscing about the year that was, and what to write for these final two Christmas posts, and I thought 'why not just put it in pictures?' Thinking I could just gather a few favourite photos together and get on with the wrapping.....well, that was four hours ago, and I've been engrossed all that time in the memories of the past year....it has been an incredible year, and I'm reminded again of how amazingly interesting and colourful Shanghai is.  So no matter what timezone you're celebrating Christmas Eve in, have a glass of champagne with me and wait for Santa. In the meantime, here's a snapshot of Shanghai 2010 in pictures!


Chinese New Year






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