25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 2 Dog Sneakers


For the second day of Christmas, a pair of dogs in shoes.   Why do dogs in Shanghai wear sneakers? Well have you seen those streets? Filthy. Disgusting. Not even dogs like walking on them barefoot.     And whether it's due to choice or inbreeding, almost all of Shanghai's dogs are white, possible the single most impractical colour for a dog to be. Brown, soot or smog coloured woud be way more practical. I've even met a white samoyed here who has a shower after every walk. Voluntarily.     What I don't know is why these two were out without their coats on, when most dogs are fully dressed with matching fitted coat, shoes, and sometimes a hat. By contrast, these two look alarmingly naked, and a bit chilly. I bet they were actually on their way to the coat shop to get matching santa outfits.


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