25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 11 Mao-ry Christmas!

I doubt that Chairman Mao ever celebrated Christmas, and yet here he is today, hanging on my tree with a bunch of mistletoe on the back of his head. How did this happen? How did this revered father of the Republic go from national hero to Christmas parody? Personally, I'm quite excited that China has come far enough that it's now possible to poke fun at the good Chairman without feeling threatened by, say, imprisonment. Or re-education in Wuhan.   He looks a little thin, don't you think? But jolly all the same with his red stars for buttons.  And in case you're wondering if the Chinese characters say some subversive message, they do.....'Sheng Dan Kuai Le!' (Wish You Merry Christmas!).  Just waiting for the knock on the door now.........

(now available at Taikang Lu 50 yuan each)

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