The Street Vendors of Wulumuqi Lu - The Breakfast Vendors

This is one of a series of posts about the Street Vendors on Wulumuqi Lu, in the French Concession. It's one of Shanghai's many great food streets, packed from beginning to end with restaurants and fresh food shops, and some of the best and worst smells all in one place.  You might also like:

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Today we meet The Breakfast Vendors at Number 296 Wulumuqi Lu.  This tiny street front restaurant dishes out hundreds and hundreds of breakfasts every single day of the year. Eat-in, take-away, their stock in trade is yóu tiáo, deep-fried bread sticks, although they also do deep-fried slabs of tofu, deep fried sesame balls, and char-grilled flatbreads. If you're eating in, just pick up your bread of choice on the way in, put it in a plastic basket, grab a bowl and spoon and get filled up. 

The two choices to fill your bowl are hot sweet soy milk (just dunk your yóu tiáo in, tear off a piece, dunk again) or savory soy milk. To the savory version add chopped scallions, chopped pickled greens, chopped bread chunks, and optional chili. Something like a breakfast soup. Sit elbow-to-elbow with the locals, facing out towards the street, and watch the passing parade of  morning traffic as you slurp away.

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