A Look of Sublime Satisfaction

The four days of frenzied schmoozing that is the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair wrapped up over the weekend, with a huge bulge in the pockets of all those gallery owners. I find it very trying having to come up with something intelligent to say about the art, so I don't. And anyway, my way of interpreting contemporary art is embarrassingly skin-deep - I walk along the rows of artworks mentally noting 'Like!....Don't like......Don't like....Like!'. I have found this method quite idiot proof. 

I do like these works by Hebei artist Li Yibing, titled 'meditation series 2010'. What is that look on his fat little face? Sublime satisfaction, contentment, contemplation? And those fabulous chubby naked baby legs? He looks very happy even though he is wearing no trousers. I've seen the same look after a really choice bit of roast duck passes someone's lips. I might buy it when I have a spare gazillion kuai.