A Funny Thing Happened to my Blog...

You have no doubt noticed that Life on Nanchang Lu now looks completely different. I'd love to say I had a team of web designers give it a makeover, but actually it was a complete accident, of the kind that only happens to really tech-savvy people like myself. I managed to vanish the old blog with a single click, and in its place, got something horrifically bright pink and splashed with paint. Bugger.

A few hours later and the pink paint has evolved into this, I think it's much less frightening to look at. What do you think?

There have been some other less accidental developments too....I'm excited to be a featured publisher on Foodbuzz, a giant food blogging website. They're even sponsoring a bowl of noodles a month in the way of ad revenue - thanks! Shortly, a really exciting competition will be starting up in which I'll be one of two thousand competitors. It's called Project Food Blog. Project Runway it ain't, but there will edge of the seat voting and cruel knockouts every week from September 12.

I'm hoping to make it past Round 1, but that seems unlikely unless my technical skills improve....

I'll keep you all updated.