First Figs of Autumn

It's still 35 degrees outside but here they are, the first autumn figs, fresh from the market. I was so excited to see them - they remind me instantly of late summer at Tobin wines, where they have four lovely fig trees, each a different variety. Purple skinned Black Genoas with dark red flesh, Honey figs, Brown Turkeys (similar to these) with light pink flesh but strong fig flavour, and bright green Adriatics with red flesh. 

Thanks to their annual abundance of figs I've been able to indulge in every fig cooking fantasy possible when  visit, without spending a fortune on store-bought figs at $25 a kilo. Fig and mascarpone tart, roasted figs with pancetta, fig and lamb tagine, oaty fig biscuits, green fig and ginger jam, and dried figs. I think the best way to eat them is straight from the tree, lying in the shade and looking up at the blue sky through the leaves. Anyway.....

This morning I made a pannacotta and was planning to have it with a mango, pineapple and lime salsa, but now it will be graced with fat red raspberries and figs drizzled with intense, dark and delicious Greek honey. What's your favourite way to eat figs?

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