Massimo's Ice Cream, Noosa

Massimo's is something of a Noosa institution. It occupies an unhealthy proportion of my food daydreams (everyone else has these, don't they??) whilst in Shanghai. Real ice-cream is kinda hard to come by in China. One of these days I'm going to write about all the wacky flavours that pass for ice-cream there - green tea, pea, corn.....something black, something icky and purple. 

Massimo's makes real ice-cream. From fresh seasonal fruit and real milk, guaranteed free of melamine. You never know on any given day whether there will be any ruby grapefruit and campari gelato, depending on the seasonal supply of ruby grapefruit, but that just adds to the excitement and anticipation. Mango, of course, is summer months only, as is lychee. Perennial flavours like white chocolate, coconut, caramel and hazelnut are luckily available all year round.

Get yourself a waffle cone, any two flavours for $5.50, and head down to the beach. Let's make ice-cream the official street food of Australia.

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