OK, Any Clues?

Today is a guess-the-fruit competition. Bet you can't get it. These luscious, juicy dark plum-coloured beauties appeared in the fruit shops here in Shanghai about 2 weeks ago, and are starting to disappear already. Their season is very short, and I've never seen them before moving to Shanghai. They taste a little like a mulberry but are the shape and size of a knobbly plum. No skin to peel either, just bite straight in, then spit out the small seed.

For the curious amongst you, try googling 'weird Chinese fruit' and that should send you in the right direction. I'll give you the answer tomorrow.

Oh...and many apologies to all the nanchanglu subscribers - thank you for your patience whilst some formatting issues are being ironed out.  You will no longer receive four copies of each post in your reader (just one I hope!).

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