I Love Shanghai!

The city is looking amazingly fabulous right now. I love it! The dreariness of winter has vanished and in its place, an explosive riot of rainbow neon and LEDs has transformed Shanghai into a city of lights. Before Expo began, the lights of the buildings along the river were turned off at a sensible and practical 9pm, even though the city itself never sleeps. Now the Bund has taken a leap into hyperspace with every conceivable surface covered in pink, red, blue and green fluorescent neon lights; the Pearl Tower looks like it's ready to rocket off into the stratosphere at any second; and all the high-rises have been transformed into giant TV screens. Guess the Party will be footing the electricity bill for all this then...

The Aurora building in Pudong has the best display - 50 storeys of animated Coke advertisements, electronic fireworks, Expo ads and my own personal favourite - ISH with a big pulsating red heart. Say it loud and proud - I Love Shanghai!

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