Mr Sugarcane

Wandering along Fangbang Lu on the weekend, through the middle of the old city, I had my usual bowl of Langzhou noodles and spicy roast chicken for lunch after working up a big appetite at the Ghost Market and battling the ever larger crowds at Yu Gardens. Honestly, my weekends are not all exactly the same. 

I do usually need something light and fresh after all that delicious food, and luckily the sugar-cane juice seller has his cart parked just near the restaurant. He has a hand-cranked sugarcane press, and each stalk yields about half a cup. The juice is not as sweet as you would expect and has a pleasant light grassy flavour. 

Mr Sugarcane himself is extremely shy, and it has taken some weeks and many glasses of sugarcane juice for him to be coaxed into a photo. His overly friendly off-sider, on the other hand, is a lot more outgoing and is actively looking for a wife. Any takers?

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