Peach Blossom Snow

If it should snow in springtime in China, particularly after the fruit trees have begun blossoming, it is known as a 'peach blossom snow'. It's not very common, but so far this Spring there have already been a few occurrences in China's north.
We had taken an afternoon walk through the Mutianyu orchards and chestnut groves to the neighbouring village of Yingbeigou, using Eloise Walter and Emily Spear's descriptive and lovely "Walking Guide to Mutianyu" (they have it for sale at The Schoolhouse). I wish all walking guides were more like this one - it fits perfectly in a pocket, it's well written and has just enough detail to keep the walk interesting without feeling like you're on a guided tour. 
On the way home, winding back through the chestnuts, it began to rain, cold and hard, and the wind picked up its pace. Looking up. we could see a cloud descending rapidly over the mountaintops. We ran! But before we could find cover the rain became soft flurries of peach blossom snow. It didn't settle for long but it looked so beautiful! 

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