Love Locks, Huang Shan

The ways of showing your love are a little different in China. Forget the flowers, the his-and-hers mobile phone thingies. I'm talking about something really meaningful and permanent, although it will require a bit of effort on your part.
Firstly, take your love to a romantic spot with a really good view, for example, Huang Shan. Next, buy a padlock from one of the mountain padlock vendors, and have it engraved with a poignant and loving message by one of the mountain padlock engravers. You think I'm kidding, don't you. I thought I might take all my silverware up and get that engraved too, it would probably be quite cheap, say, after the Valentine's Day rush.
Now, attach your padlock to the chain fence separating you and your lover from the edge of the abyss. Throw away the key, preferably into the abyss and not just on the pathway behind you. 
Now your love will last forever. Promise.
By the way, Mr Cheapskate.......a used bicycle lock will not do and I bet you two broke up soon afterwards. What were you thinking??

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