Fuxing Park Pensioner Devils

Whenever I get back to Shanghai after a trip, I like to wander around Fuxing Park and check that all the usual stuff is going on in the 'hood. Backwards walking, check. Ballroom dancing, check. Inspirational Communist singing, check. There are thousands of activities taking place. Personally, I'm always impressed by the mature-age diablo fiends. You know what a diablo is, don't you - a brightly coloured dumb-bell shaped plastic thingy, beloved of kids and hippy wannabe circus performers in other parts of the world. But in China, spinning the diablo is a retirement activity. Their primary coloured diablos whizz around them making an extraordinary noise, and they can do all sorts of incredble tricks. But today, as with every day in Shanghai, I saw something I'd never seen before. Masked, multi-diablo masters. A whole bunch of the devils.

So lets start with one diablo.......I'm just warming up

So easy....

Let's try four at once and see what happens...

Ah!........what skill! 

I can do four too!

Yes! Four diablos all at once! OK, OK too easy. But eight.......is eight possible??

Uh....no. Chinese Elvis! It didn't work because you're not wearing your mask!
Get yourself untangled and make way for the Grand Diablo Master.....despite his age, his arthritis, and not wearing his mask........

He can do it! Twelve! Twelve spinning diablos!! Applause please!

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