5 Reasons I may be Chinese

1. I like chewing bones. Really gnawing them, then spitting them out on my plate. But I'm not really Chinese because I don't spit them directly on the tablecloth.

2. I wear slippers. In the house. But sometimes I forget to take them off when I go outside. Now that I think of it, that's actually very Chinese.

3. I take a thermos of oolong tea to the park. But I'm not really Chinese because I can't see the attraction of drinking tea out of a plastic tupperware container or an old coffee jar with a screwtop lid.

4. I have started to use chopsticks for eating almost everything, and for spaghetti, I prefer them to a fork.

5. I can still act truly shocked and exclaim 'tai guai le!' 'too expensive!' when told that the item I've always wanted is less expensive than I could dream possible.

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