The Wet Market, Julu Lu

I love wet markets. Wet markets are the opposite of supermarkets. They're called 'wet' because most of the produce is wet, and they get hosed out at the end of each day. Come here to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, fresh noodles, tea and 58 kinds of tofu. I am tired of things bought in plastic wrappings, totally devoid of their origins and already a week old when you buy them. Enter the aisles of my supermarket and view the produce on offer............

The mushroom sellers - fresh shitake, enoki, oyster, straw and button mushrooms.

Fresh winter bamboo shoots. Larger and a little tougher than the autumn shoots. Delicious stir-fried with pork and ginger!

Bok choy. Beautifully arranged. About 5c each.
And now on to the meat aisle. Viewing on an empty stomach not recommended.

The chickens are attractively displayed feet first. The feet are, after all, the best bits. The black skinned chickens are commonly used in soups.

And the site of the Great Julu Lu Fish should have seen the fishmonger.

Please refrain from lighting your cigarette until you move away from the piglets.

After all that excitement you may need some calming tea.......pick up 100g of oolong and struggle home with your various bundles. Try to ignore the twitching coming from the fish bag........

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