Merry Xmax!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Although Christmas in Shanghai is often all about rampant commercialism (as opposed to the West where it's about.............hohoho rampant commercialism!) the sentiment is still understood, even if occasionally lost in translation. A chinese friend sent us this message today -

I hope all of us have a happy day and also have a delicious dinner tonight!
Then i wish our company will have a great future.
At last i wish happiness to all of family members have healthy bodys,then we could do more work and make more money!
hehe,It is just play a joke !but i could try more hard for corpration,learn more knowedge,to learn more from you!
Make an extra affort,all of us , for corpration and also for us!

So healthy bodys and happy dinners to all of you, with love from Shanghai!